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My name is Tahlia and I am an Australian fine art photographer based in Toronto. My love for photography originated from a fascination with prints. I am extremely nostalgic and have been obsessed with family photo albums and preserving tangible memories since I was young. I remember when our family would pick up a roll of developed film and my sisters and I would sit on our parent’s lap passing the prints around and looking through them together.

As I grew older, my interest in photography soon developed into my passion. I love observing organic emotions, capturing the uniqueness of individuals and their relationships and exploring and documenting new places.

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Things I Like

Fine art prints. My dog Bear (and all and any dogs for that matter). Quoting ‘Friends’ (and people who are just as obsessed and join in with the script). Art books. Beer. Listening to music. Having a dance off with my husband in competition to see who can pull the most awkward move. Thrift stores. Swimming. Laying on the beach. Connecting with strangers. Meeting new people. Travelling the world. Exploring new places. All the horror films. Playing guitar. Sarcasm. Art exhibitions. Vegemite (yes… vegemite…). Summer. Red wine. Photography.

Education & Experience

I studied Fine Art Photography at RMIT University in Melbourne.  Shortly after I graduated, I packed up my life in Australia and jetted across the other side of the world to Canada with my fiancé and my four-legged buddy, Bear!  I’m not usually the one in front of the camera as I become awkward and ruin the shot!  I prefer to be telling dad jokes behind the lens.  I am very mindful of this when working with people and have been successful in producing results that even the most camera-shy individuals are thrilled with.   If I’m not making new friends with the people I photograph I can be found almost falling off the edge of a cliff documenting places I’ve only dreamed of experiencing!

I have had the  pleasure of photographing births, maternity shoots, family sessions, engagements, elopements, intimate weddings, events, animals,  portraits, still life and landscapes.


Tahlia produced spectacular results in photographing my Gypsy Jazz group for our 3rd album. She is highly creative, affable and professional making it an absolute pleasure to work with her.

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